6 December 2021

Planned webinar: Climate adaptation in agriculture: water for food

4 November 2021 Launch of WAC video (7 min)
4 November 2021

Resilient Policies: Leveraging Water for National Climate Planning (at COP 26 Resilience Hub)

4 November 2021 Website is open for registration and uploading of articles and cases by the Community.

19 October 2021

Webinar: Water and Spirituality for Climate Adaptation

7 October 2021

Webinar: Accelerating Adaptation through Nature-based Solutions (NbS) at scale

September – October 2021

Launch of new WAC webpages linked to the STAKE.

Aug-September 2021

The WAC is distributing funds to support a Community of Practice in the Horn of Africa for a year to take part of the WAC.

September 2021

Connecting to the Island Summit

September-October 2021

A series of consultations will be held with key experts to understand the key issues associated with the adaptation mainstreaming / roadmap and identified hotspot areas.

September – November 2021

The WAC facilitator will investigate the needs for a flood friendly development training module with interested cities.

2 September 2021

The WAC facilitator together with the focused community on Floating and Flood-friendly Development has organised the first webinar under the WAC. The webinar will be held in 2nd September. This is an innovative theme connecting private and public stakeholders working on resilience in cities that are prone to flooding or coastal erosion. The webinar can be found here.

September 2021

The WAC Facilitator is having an initial talk with PBL – The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency on collaboration. A joint project for COP 26 and collaboration on consultation for a tool comparing different pathways related to the SDGs is planned.

August – October 2021

The Water team is preparing the launch of a new web platform for the WAC which will include space for the communities of practice, the roadmap / adaptation journey and systemic descriptions of hotspot areas.

August 2021

The water team has drafted a roadmap that integrates lessons from the Netherlands Delta program and the UNDRR guide on national strategy development. The first steps include getting organized, assessing risk, and a risk dialogue between different sectors to set the stage for the development of roadmap for climate resilience building.

August 2021

Discussions with Communities of Practice such as Conservation International, Wetlands International.

July 2021

Discussing with Holwerd aan Zee and linking to the Swedish municipality Kristianstad which also has an area which has become a Biosphere reserve

July 2021

Discussing with Communities of Practice on Nature Based Solutions and Youth Net for Climate Justice in Bangladesh.

July 2021

Networking on Nature Based Solutions for flood management with Limburg Water Authority, The Netherlands, Oslo municipality, Norway.

July- September 2021

Discussions with ICOMOS to start up a Community of Practice on Water and Culture / Heritage. The focus is on how adaptation can be supported by a cultural perspective which addresses human values and rights, and better resonates with changing hearts and minds than more technical arguments. A white paper is produced. A webinar is being planned.

July 2021

Discussion and concept development with the Community of Practice of Social Inclusion, planning a workshop on principles or factors which are important for GCAs programmatic work. This can also be developed to apply to other programmes and organisations.

June 2020

The WAC facilitator has consolidated the inputs of the external experts, discussions with the Ministry and external stakeholders in a high-level strategy document. A Project Concept Note is under preparation which will be peer reviewed.

June-July 2021

Promoting solutions by WSUP on integrated slum upgrading via social media.

May – July 2021

Discussions with several partners and Communities of Practice: UNICEF, IWMI, GWP, SIWI, WSUP, Resilient Cities, Youth Climate Adaptation, Nature Based Solutions Community of Practice, Water and Heritage, and Floating and Flood-Adaptable Development.

March 2021

The GCA and Ministry were key partners in a global three-day workshop on building climate resilience through improving water management and sanitation at national and transboundary levels organised by UNECE and WHO. During this global workshop, the WAC and the accomplishments of Water Action Track at the CAS21 were presented.

December 2020

The GCA and the Ministry supported the organisation of a webinar on Resilient Cities (by RCN and Deltares) during which the WAC was presented. The recording of the webinar can be found here.

January 2021

During the Water Anchoring Event at CAS 2021, the WAC was endorsed by: the Asian Development Bank, OECD, Sanitation and Water for All, Water Youth Network, SIWI, the UN Special Envoy for the Oceans, YouthNet for Climate Justice, and Wetskills.

September 2020 – January 2021

To initiate and support a community of practice on climate adaptation in deltas, GCA prepared ‘Living with Water - Climate Adaptation in The World’s Deltas’ which was launched at the CAS. The report captures key lessons learnt from large-scale adaptation practices in seven Delta counties. Experience from the Dutch programmatic water adaptation support in Bangladesh, Mozambique, Vietnam, and the Waddenzee form the backbone of the report.

November 2020


Soft launch of the WAC at the Race to Zero November Dialogues organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute. During this session, three focused communities of practice were highlighted: the Rural Resilience community, the Social Inclusion community, and the Resilient Cities community. The recording of the launch can be found here.


September 2020 – February 2021

The establishment of the WAC included an intense phase of consultations to assess needs of key stakeholders in the water sector and to determine how the WAC can best support them to attain the wider goal of accelerating and scaling up water adaptation.