Water Adaptation Community

The Water Adaptation Community (WAC) is a multi-actor platform that supports collaboration, learning and practical action in water climate adaptation and resilience. It works as a broker between solution seekers and solution providers in the water cycle. It supports the understanding of what adaptation means in practice and supports efforts for adaptation mainstreaming. It does this by engaging Communities of Practice, including NGOs, scientists, experts, policy makers and decision-makers in the most pressing questions and adaptation issues, consolidating and supporting knowledge brokering and innovation through stories, blogs, webinars and e-learning. Focus is on governance, finance and behaviour change.

Hotspot areas

Increasing climate pressures mean that attention to so-called hotspot areas is critical, for example coastal areas that experience sea level rise. The area approach is also important to address complexity, as climate change means a cocktail of risks that interact. This demands increased understanding of how multiple risks can be addressed in coordination and synergy.

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The Adaptation Journey

Communities of Practice and other partners are consulted to identify essential adaptation solutions and principles for national, regional, urban and community level mainstreaming. These steps are developed by synthesising and consolidating existing knowledge and action. Here, national government agencies, regional and local governments and other organisations in the driving seat of adaptation can find guidance and support.  

Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (CoP) focus on specific water and adaptation topics and help translate water adaptation to concrete actions and approaches. The Communities of Practice in the WAC are part of a global coalition of stakeholders working to improve climate resilience. Collecting many Communities of Practice in one place enables the WAC to broker and connect to accelerate adaptation.

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