Policies and regulations

The right policies and regulations can boost action and support implementation of climate adaptation. While regulations take time to develop, it is nevertheless important to share best practices which support adaptation actions. Policies is a long-term endeavour, but key interventions can make a lot of difference triggering adaptation actions.

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Policies and regulations at national level
Policies at regional level
Policies at local government level
Tacit rules and regulations at local community level


Oslo Vahlsgade at the Botanical Garden Credits Berit Roald NTB Scanpix
Case Study

Policy on open stormwater in Oslo - a game changer

The Oslo municipality policy on stormwater has turned out to be a game changer for the city's green spaces and water management. 

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Bartels and Vedder floating house in The Netherlands

Supporting regulations for floating developments

Dutch regulations on floating development are in the frontline and are often used by other countries in need of guidance. 

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People from above - organised so they look like a graph
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Get organised and strengthen institutional capacity

This means creating or assigning an organizational structure to coordinate and be responsible for the climate adaptation mainstreaming process.

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Photo of the maldives from above
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Assess climate risk

Climate risk assessments identify the likelihood of current and future climate hazards and their impacts.

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Two people discussing a plan
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Risk dialogues and strategising

When climate risks have been assessed for multiple actors and sectors, these need to be coordinated and prioritizations worked out.

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River from the sky
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Sufficient financial resources and capacity to access available resources are critical for adaptation. 

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Faults in rock formations
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Innovation, evaluation, learning and behaviour change

Adaptation will be a collective effort, meaning that many people from various sectors and levels will have to collaborate. 

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Person looking at a planning whiteboard
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Planning, implementation, and operation

Mainstreaming adaptation means to increasingly take onboard water as a structural agent in spatial planning.

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