Financing Adaptation

Sufficient financial resources and capacity to access available resources are critical for adaptation. Also, various financial mechanisms, incentives and budget systems are needed to implement climate adaptation measures. In addition, the process of comparing different measures, including their costs and benefits, sometimes also consulting with stakeholders for their preferences is important. This can be part of the risk dialogues, when different climate impacts, and needed strategies are discussed. The economic impacts of potential disasters if not prevented also needs to be understood.


Understanding the financial implications of climate impacts, provides the rationale for making decisions on investments. Financial mechanisms can provide incentives for actors to make adaptive choices. This is for example clear in urban development when space is needed to absorb rainwater and prevent flooding. This requires reserving space for infiltration, via for example nature-based solutions. However, it is not seen as having a direct financial benefit for the developer, it will not be implemented.


Forests need additional funds for adequate protection

Forest Resilience Bonds enable private investments to mitigate wildfires and drought

Prolonged droughts in the western USA have led to the need to bring in private investments to mitigate wildfires, floods and erosion. Forest Resilience Bonds are a public-partnership model to bring new resources for management and are gaining ground rapidly.

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Webinar on coastal adaptation

Webinar: Scaling up Nature based Solutions for adaptation in coastal areas

23/06/2022 - 12:30 to 14:00

In this webinar, on the 23rd of June, speakers presented coastal adaptation strategies where Nature based Solutions have been used. They explored the challenges and opportunities for upscaling these solutions and discussed the policy framework and financial support to upscale NbS.

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Water at the center of Adaptation

Webinar: Putting water at the center of adaptation: urgency for transformative change

31/05/2022 - 09:30 to 11:00

Speakers at the webinar discussed how to put water at the center of adaptation, links with the SDGs, and the WHO's recommendations on how climate change and COVID are linked. They covered community engagement, equity and justice, and principles of water as leverage.

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Floating gardens in Myanmar

Webinar: Climate Adaptation in Agriculture: Water for Food Security

06/04/2022 - 09:30

The quest to secure water for agriculture is central to addressing global food security. Agriculture uses about 70% of global water resources, even as demands from other sectors are increasing sharply. Speakers at this webinar covered the water- food security links, and ensuring water security by better management.

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