Ase Johannessen

Facilitator - Water Adaptation Community

Åse is a water expert and systems ecologist with 20 years’ professional experience with a diverse portfolio of empirical research, project and program management, knowledge brokering and policy work at Swedish, European, African and international level. Her main areas of expertise are social learning and collaboration for adaptive governance, risk reduction and resilience building in various development contexts. This includes risk reduction and adaptation in integrated water resources management, urban water services and integrated planning and management in various ecosystems and urban areas.

South Limburg urban landscape

Knowledge exchange on water adaptation

The Water Authority in South Limburg in the Netherlands wanted to learn and innovate to address flood risk. GCA facilitated an exchange with Slovak and Norwegian experts. 

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Rain in Gothenburg

Urban: Gothenburg organization, mandates and financing to address extreme rainfall

This document describes the agreement in the City of Gothenburg to address extreme rainfall: the organization, mandates/responsibilities and financing. 

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State and Trends in Adaptation 2021 : Africa

Water Adaptation: Plans and Possibilities for Africa

How can Africa respond swiftly and strategically to its changing water challenges? The 2021 State and Trends in Adaptation Report by the Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) with a focus on Africa, provides an insight into the current state and prospects of water-related resilience in Africa, and lays out a detailed blueprint for water-resource management.

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State and Trends in Adaptation 2021 : Africa

Webinar: Water in the State and Trends in Adaptation Report 2021: Africa

This webinar aims to bring forward the unique water perspective on adaptation for Africa. While many of the climate impacts are water related, adaptation presents many opportunities to leverage and highlight water issues to accelerate economic and human development.

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From CAS to COP NY Climate week

From CAS 2021 to COP 26

This session looks back at progress made since the Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS 2021), highlights solutions, and identifies outcomes for how to ensure adaptation contributes to a successful outcome for COP26.

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A evening shot of a woman putting blessed puja flowers in the river Ganges in Varanasi, India

Four ways that spirituality can revolutionize climate adaptation

Spiritual leaders from different faiths convened on the 19th of October to exchange insights on how spirituality can not only provide resilience to climate impacts, but help boost adaptation. 

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Ase is a member of the following Themes, Networks or Projects

organisation 2 - climate adaptation.

Innovation, learning and behaviour change

Learning is claimed to be key for supporting water adaptation and the related governance.  For this social learning to happen, actors need to interact and support a change in understanding that occurs and manifests in organisations, and society as a whole.
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istock-1201530843 0 - climate adaptation.

Water and Culture

Water may not hold memory, but the communities managing the water do. Water managers and planners can and should benefit from a rich past of water knowledge in innovating for water related climate action.
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shane-rounce-dnkonxqti3c-unsplash 1 - climate adaptation.

Social inclusion

The Community of Practice on Social Inclusion aims towards understanding how to better do project and program design to pay attention to social inclusion.
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nature-based-solutions2 1 - climate adaptation.

Nature based solutions

Nature-based solutions become more and more important to achieve the global goals within the planetary boundaries.
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river-basins 2 - climate adaptation.

River basin and watershed management

River basin and watershed management is critical to ensure a holistic take on water flows to prevent and mitigate floods, drought and maintain ecosystem integrity.
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coastal-areas4 0 1 - climate adaptation.

Floating Development

Floating Development showcases innovative floating solutions which contribute to increasing climate and urban resilience.
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