River basin and watershed management

River basin and watershed management is critical to ensure a holistic take on water flows to prevent and mitigate floods, drought and maintain ecosystem integrity. The overall resilience also includes community resilience providing livelihoods.

How to manage a multi sectoral and multi actor area can be challenging as it involves the need for coordinating between many different land uses. The coordination and use of various measures may ensure that upstream land use is not causing flooding downstream. The use of nature based solutions in this context is seen as especially valuable as it provides many benefits for drought management, biodiversity, recreation, well-being and livelihoods.

A challenge for the coordination is the need for integration of a diverse set of knowledge and data and actors, as well as prioritising and financing nature based solutions instead of business as usual solutions. The CoP is looking for good practices on these topics and is discussing how to enable them.

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River Basin

The WAC is working with a diverse set of actors in Limburg, Slovakia, Norway and in the Horn of Africa. The activities of these groups are focussing on among other things river basin and watershed management aimed at slowing water flows and at the same time create other benefits such as watershed restoration and reversing degradation. 

The idea of bringing a diverse group together is to stimulate cross learning in a specific topic. 

The two upcoming activities are: 

  1. Exchange of knowledge between Limburg water authority and Slovakia on nature based solutions to slow the flow and address flooding. 
  2. Exchange between The Horn of Africa Regional Environmental Network and Center and another network in the Middle east, West Africa or South East Asia (tbc) to exchange knowledge on watershed degradation and restoration and management with a diverse range of stakeholders. 

Other actors and parties are welcome in contributing to these exchanges and suggesting others that fit the overall topic of this CoP. 


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