Mainstreaming Nature based Solutions

Submitted by Ase Johannessen | published 24th Nov 2021 | last updated 7th Dec 2021
Professor Christine Wamsler explains mainstreaming of NbS
Tree in a city


A film about sustainable urban transformation for climate change adaptation with focus on mainstreaming nature-based solutions in urban governance and planning by Professor Christine Wamsler, Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies.

This video has been put here with permission from the responsible producers. 


20211008 212534 - climate adaptation.

Excellent and very succuintly explained actually how local governments must implement the NbS at there level of operations. The three changes required at local, institutional and intra-institutional levels are key. Mostly only the local level change is expected but there needs to be an holistic change from bottom up. Thanks for sharing such an informative video.