Nature based solutions

Building with nature (BWN) and nature-based solutions become more and more important to achieve the global goals (SDGs) within the planetary boundaries. The ambition of this CoP is to contribute to the global goals by realising Building with Nature (BwN) solutions on a landscape scale.

The main objective of this CoP is to support the upscale and mainstream of Building with nature (BwN) and nature-based solutions (NbS).

The sub objectives are:

  • Demonstrate to international end users that BwN solutions work and bring extra value
  • Facilitate implementation by producing means (guidelines) with which BwN solutions can be replicated
  • Help realize BwN projects along coasts and rivers and in deltas and estuaries
  • Develop BwN showcase projects to disseminate knowledge about BwN

Many actors are active in this field of work, and there is a diversity of toolboxes, networks and projects. This list is work in progress and we welcome links to important initiatives: 



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Nature Based Solutions

The CoP welcomes:
Professionals that are concerned with the BwN approach for quite some time, take pride in being part of an ‘innovation ecosystem’ and are keen on contributing to the development of BwN projects.  

To deliver nature based solutions some aspects are crucial:

  • Nature-based solutions are interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral and therefore require co creation;
  • In order to mainstream BwN and nature-based solutions we need to take the enablers as identified by EcoShape as a starting point:
    • Create knowledge and technology; 
    • Multi stakeholder approach; 
    • Capacity building; 
    • Adaptive monitoring, management and maintenance; 
    • Institutional embedding; 
    • Business case and finance.
  • Engagement (also internationally) with end users of the solutions is crucial to create pilots, projects and programmes. 

A limited number of tables will be started and a start will be made with the community and community activities. The definition of a table is: ‘a combination of members of the EcoShape business ecosystem jointly pursuing an opportunity or investigating a challenge and/or topic’. It is proposed to start with the following tables: 

  • Accelerating adaptation in Asia; 
  • Living Lab for Mud (i.a. Kleirijperij, Brede Groene Dijk, meegroeidijk)
  • Natura2000 in times of climate change; 
  • Building with Nature Africa
  • Building with nature in cities. 


Webinar: Accelerating adaptation through nature-based solutions at scale

Webinar: Accelerating adaptation through large scale nature-based solutions

07/10/2021 - 10:30 to 12:30

This webinar addressed the need for greater effort to identify a pipeline of large-scale NbS projects that truly accelerate adaptation, and at the same time build the resilience of communities.

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